Pesticide Reduction Program

87% of Saskatoon residents agree that cosmetic pesticides pollute our water supply.

82% of Saskatoon residents agree that cosmetic pesticides are harmful to human health.

Since 2005, SES has implemented a Pesticide Reduction Program in Saskatoon. We offer free support for residents looking to low-toxic and ecological approaches to lawn and garden care. Whether you’re concerned about the health of a child, a pet, yourself, or the environment we will support you throughout your pesticide-free growing season.

Each year, a survey is conducted in two neighborhoods in Saskatoon, which allows us to gage public opinion and pesticide usage among Saskatoon’s residents. Residents are then asked if they would like to participate by being pesticide-free for the growing season. Along with offering information and support to the residents who are interested in participating, we also attend various events across the city. As the season progresses we perform a mid-season call back to offer our assistance to program participants and then in mid-August we begin our Fall survey. All residents in Saskatchewan are encouraged to contact us with any questions about  addressing pest roblems and improving the health of your yard without the use of cosmetic pesticides. We partner with the City of Saskatoon, the Canadian Cancer Society, and the Saskatchewan Lung Association to achieve a reduction in cosmetic pesticide use in Saksatoon. The program has been very successful over the last six years, leading to a 50% reduction in pestcide use among participants who initially used pesticides.

Our Network

City of Saskatoon  |  Canadian Cancer Society  | Saskatchewan Lung Association

For more information about the program, please contact the Saskatchewan Environmental Society office at 306.665.1915.

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