Environmentalists Praise Government of Canada’s Commitment to Help Developing Countries Tackle Climate Change

Saskatoon, June 29, 2010 — The Saskatchewan Environmental Society today praised the federal government for their announcement of $400 million to be directed to help poorer countries tackle climate change impacts.

“We are pleased to see Minister Jim Prentice and the federal government following through on one of the important commitments that was made at last December’s Copenhagen climate conference,” Ann Coxworth, SES Board Member said today.

At the Copenhagen conference, developed nations promised $10 billion per year to assist many developing countries who are suffering severe negative impacts from rising greenhouse gas emissions. These impacts include rising sea levels, increased flooding, and serious crop loss from severe weather events attributed to climate change. Climate scientists forecast that much of Africa, parts of Asia and island nations in many parts of the world will be particularly hard hit. In Bangladesh, thousands of residents on islands just off the mainland are already being forced to abandon their homes because of rising sea levels. In the Maldives, the government is being forced to plan for the day when the entire country may have to be abandoned because of sea level rise.

“Canada’s $400 million commitment this year will constitute about 4% of the global annual commitment that was promised at Copenhagen. We think the federal government is promising an appropriate amount and trust that they will continue to meet their obligations on an annual basis, while ensuring that these funds are over and above regular monies allocated to international aid programs,” Ms. Coxworth concluded.

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