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SES works on developing policy for a sustainable Saskatchewan. Currently SES has several policy documents for the Saskatchewan community to consider.  You can find the links to these documents below.

July 11, 2013 - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: SaskNotes

Peter Prebble, SES Director of Environmental Policy, and Ann Coxworth, SES Research Advisor, have written about their work evaluating uranium mining remediation at the Beaverlodge site in northern Saskatchewan. Read now

Building a Sustainable Future for Saskatchewan

This is the SES 2013 submission to Saskatchewan’s Minister of the Environment, Hon. Ken Cheveldayoff.  It addresses environmental issues related to oil sands development, water policy in Saskatchewan, and the need to keep PFRA community pastures as a public asset.  It also proposes the designation of a new set of ecological reserves in the Great Sand Hills.  Finally, it discusses the science of climate change, proposes a 40% reduction in provincial greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, and lays out a set of provincial policies to achieve this target.

Policy Recommendations to Saskatchewan Minister of Environment

Nuclear Publications

SES Nuclear Waste Position 2011

SES Nuclear Energy Position 2009

Would Nuclear Be Good in Saskatchewan

Transforming Saskatchewan’s Electrical Future

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives five part series  by Mark Bigland-Pritchard and Peter Prebble

  • Part 1 – “Sustainability is Achievable, But How Do We Get There?” by Mark Bigland-Pritchard and Peter Prebble
  • Part 2 – “Using Electricity More Efficiently” by Mark Bigland-Pritchard
  • Part 3 – “The Potential for Wind and Solar Power” by Mark Bigland-Pritchard
  • Part 4 – “Plugging the Gap: Sustainable Power Options to Complement Wind and Solar” by Mark Bigland-Pritchard
  • Part 5 – “The Public Policies Needed to Build a Renewable Energy Society in Saskatchewan: What Needs to be Done” by Peter Prebble

Oil Sands Publications

Carbon Copy: Preventing Oil Sands Fever in Saskatchewan

Towards a Sustainable Energy Strategy for Saskatchewan

Designed to help decision-makers take seriously the possibility of a sustainable energy future for Saskatchewan. Identifies the nature of the resources, technologies and opportunities available, barriers to their adoption, and practical steps towards a transition to a sustainable energy system.

Energy Policy for Saskatchewan

Is Renewable Doable


When the Oil Patch Comes to Your Backyard

Renewable Power in the 21st Century

Six ways of providing base load power from wind

Data sources

    • “People are Asking:Would Nuclear Power be a Good Choice for Saskatchewan?”
    • “Saskatchewan Environmental Society Position on Nuclear Power”
    • “Saskatchewan Environmental Society Position on Nuclear Waste”

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