Day 288, Car-free Year

Car Free Year

I like rain, usually. But water in basements I don’t like. Our block party, to celebrate my street’s 100th birthday (most of the houses were built during the boom of 1911-12 ) was rained out last Sunday. And it’s hardly let up since.

What I love is that the city is greener than David Suzuki, . . . → Read More:

Day 266, Car-free Year

Car Free Year

Just 100 days to go before I can get in a car again! Not that I’m exactly dying to, but still.

Lately people have been congratulating me on getting through the worst of it, and I too figured the winter would be the hardest time. But now that the weather’s warming up and my friends . . . → Read More:

Day 188, Halfway!

Car Free Year

Well it’s March 4th and I’m past the halfway mark in my car-free year. Which has started me thinking about what will happen after September 1 when it expires. Will I renew it for another year? Maybe. But my nephew is getting married in October and I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend . . . → Read More:

Eco-Friendly Driving Tips

news at noon

CFQC News at Noon — February 28, 2012

Tips to become a more Eco-Friendly Driver:

Slow Down & Save! For every 10 Kph you go over 100K, fuel efficiency drops by 10% (Driving 120 is like paying an extra 20% for your gas) Easy on the Pedal: Jackrabbit starts from one stoplight to the next . . . → Read More: